April 20, 2024

Arsenal transfer news latest: Garnit Xhaka transfer to AS Roma

Arsenal transfer news latest
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Arsenal transfer news latest displays The recent reports dictate that AS Roma have been in touch with the Arsenal midfielder Garnit Xhaka for a possible transfer this summer.

He was accused of cursing and shouting at the audience who booed him in result of a disgusting appearance against crystal. In the aftermath he was removed straight away from the captaincy.

Arsenal transfer news latest

He has wore the gunner’s kit 220 times since making the shift from Borussia Monchengladbach in 2016. He was allowed to make the move for 45 million. He has been in poor form scoring only 16 times but some were out class long balls.

He has a signing with arsenal till June 2023 and if he is approached in between then he might be given for at least 25 million.

Arsenal transfer news latest

Jose Mourinho who applauds the midfielder as a leader over 2 years ago. As of now the Portuguese manager wants the signing of midfielder for at least next season.

However the rumors’ state they won’t be giving an offer of 25 million instead they want to wrap the deal in 12 million. The previous reports state the want of the manager is to have some new faces in the squad.

What if roma succeeded in signing the midfielder? There will be three major benefits. Firstly roma will have the lineup they wanted. Secondy the midfielder will get an opportunity to play in serie A which will match players with his lack of control.

Thirdly the money arsenal will get in exchange they can invest is somewhere else. May be buying a new player. For any other further updates stay tuned to theshootmagazine.com and do follow us on Facebook and Instagram as updates are live there as well.