April 20, 2024

Christian Eriksen collapse causes damage to his future

Christian Eriksen collapse
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Eriksen participated in the contest of Denmark vs Finland. He fell to the ground after applying a header and was given immediate medical attention. The match was suspended at that time but resumed at 7:30 pm.

He was taken to the hospital where he is now awake and the doctor gives guarantee about his stable condition. It is hard to say what caused the collapse of Mr. Eriksen.

The professor of sports cardiology Sanjaya Sharma stated that the U.K football association has to be very strict on allowing him to step foot into the field again.

The person named professor Sharma stated that something went terribly wrong. He worked with eriksen during his time at Tottenham. Professor Sharma is chair of the FA’s expert cardiac consensus group and is a consultant for charity Cardiac Risk in the Young.

He stated that it is a very good sign that he is awake. The bad news is that he is nearly at the end of his career. The U.K management won’t let him play but the club and himself might take risk of playing again.

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