April 20, 2024

Real Madrid news transfer: Sevilla presents Ramos demand till 2026

Real Madrid news transfer
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After Ramos was unsuccessful in his attempt if renewing his contract with los Blancos he was given another offer. According to latest reports an offer of a contract till 2026 has been put on Ramos’s table by Sevilla.

Ramos was a part of the white side from 2005 where los blancos bought the youngster for 27 million euros. The money paid has been satisfied as ramos has been in the former of his life since joining the white side.

Real Madrid news transfer

He has appeared for the capital of spain 671 times and has chipped in 101 goals and assisted 40. He played for 16 years in the white side as a defender. He won 5 la liga titles and 4 champions league titles during his stay.

This season has been very silent for him as he couldn’t show up majority of the times due to injury. Despite of the fact that he was injured he still showed up 21 times smashing 4 goals and assisting one as well.

Now due to the circumstances it is no surprise that sevilla want their defender back. Ramos played and rose through the starting of his career in the youth system of sevilla. He played as a defender there as well. He appeared 45 times smashing 3 goals.

Real Madrid news transfer

His stats impressed los blancos as they bought him in 2005. The sevilla fans were angry of the early departure of ramos.But they still hope to see him back soon. Their hopes might come true this season.

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