April 20, 2024

Mahela Jayewardene Criticize Portugal star Ronaldo for removing Coca-Cola Bottles

Ronaldo removes coca-cola
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As Ronaldo’s video got viral of an interview in which Portugal star takes seat and in a while he remove two Coca-Cola bottles. The video get a huge boom over social media and non football fans started talking about Cristiano. Ronaldo removes the bottles and addresses the euro 2020 table who were representing Coca-Cola brand endorsement on the table. After that Ronaldo picks a water bottle and shows the media that how he is conscious about his health, Also state that he hate carbonated drinks.

The fans and nitizens belive that ronaldo hailed ballondor five times because of his healthy routine and boycotting carbonated drinks. Mean while Former Sri Lankan batsmen shares old picture of Ronaldo where he is branding Coca-Cola.

Ronaldo removes coca-cola

“Really proud of you @Cristiano !!! We have celebrities those who promote this @KumarSanga2 @MahelaJay,” he tweeted.

Ronaldo removes coca-cola

Mahela look like to fight the case for criticism as he showed the old picture to show that Ronaldo is removing the same coke bottles for which he had done brand endorsement in the past. In this case the Ronaldo fan base got flooded and comments became un countable. Some of the peeps criticize Mahela for making such post against Ron while some are with Mahela defending coke.

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