April 20, 2024

UEFA Euro 2020 Matchday 2 commences: Results of fixtures, Italy qualify, Wales in tremendous form

UEFA Euro 2020 Matchday
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As the 2nd matchday of UEFA Euro 2020 started yesterday, teams from Group A and Group B collided with one another. 3 matches took place in which Finland and Russia competed from Group B whereas all 4 teams from Group A were busy on the pitch.

1st Match: Finland 0-1 Russia

UEFA Euro 2020 Matchday

The ball got rolling at 6pm PST/9pm EST and both teams opposed each other to try and win the match. After a terrible defeat in their first game, Russia was prevalent in the match against Finland, who won their first match facing Denmark.

Russia strained every nerve of Finland when in the 2nd minute of extra time in the first half, Aleksei Miranchuk scored an absolutely spectacular goal with his left foot from the right side of the box, striking the ball into the top left corner. The goal was assisted by Artem Dzyuba.

Russia was better statistically as compared to Finland, as they had the ball for most of the time. They were focused and tried their level best to score goals which were represented by their attempts on goal i.e. 14 shots. 3 of their shots were on target and one ended up being banged into the net.

After a bumpy start, Russia is clearly back in the game as they will try to win their last group match, head-to-head with Denmark, to be played on 22nd June 12am PST/ 3am EST, to have a chance to qualify for the round of 16.

2nd Match: Turkey 0-2 Wales

UEFA Euro 2020 Matchday

Both the teams had only one thing in mind: KEEP SHOOTING! The game was full of shots towards the goal and it was a test for the goalkeepers.

Turkey had the ball more often and attacked frequently and created many chances. On the other hand, Wales kept their momentum going and looked for openings to score.

However, having had the ball in their feet for much of the match, and having created excellent chances, Turkey’s attack did not prove as prosperous, with their key striker Yilmaz missing the target almost every time he took a shot at the goal, either over the crossbar or way too wide from the goal.

Gareth Bale was in his best form as he played the role of a playmaker for Wales, having assisted both the goals scored by the Welsh. In an exhilarating and competitive first half, Wales had to wait for the 42nd minute as Juventus midfielder, Aaron Ramsey put the Welsh in front.

Yilmaz and Ünder played splendidly together but were unable to put Turkey in the driving position. Turkey was unable to make a comeback, as they tried to play aggressively and conceded many fouls, which resulted in an unsuccessful penalty for Wales taken by Gareth Bale. Further, Connor Roberts goal in the 5th minute of extra time in the closing moments of the match sealed the victory for Wales.

Gareth Bale was awarded the man of the match title given his outstanding performance. Having lost both of their initial matches, Turkey is out of the tournament, whereas the Welsh look in fine form with excellent team composure.

3rd Match: Italy 3-0 Switzerland

UEFA Euro 2020 Matchday

Another one-sided match led by Italy, as they thrashed Switzerland 3 goals to none. Giorgio Chiellini pulled up a hamstring early on in the match and was substituted with Francesco Acerbi, who really wasn’t his class.

In the first half of the game, Manuel Locatelli sprinted on the attack. Berardi assisted the ball towards Locatelli as he put it past Sommer, the Swiss goalkeeper in the 26th minute of the match. Switzerland looked a bit unwilling as their passing was not effective and usually led to interceptions which the Italians took benefit of.

Right after the second half began, Switzerland replaced Seferović with Gavranović, who was expected to improve the Swiss score-line, which he failed to do so. However, Switzerland changed their technique of play dramatically and started pressing more and more to have possession. They started attacking runs and their passing improved, which resulted in chances for the Swiss. But they could not make the most out of it.

Their attacking play allowed Italy to efficiently counter-attack, which led to Locatelli scoring his second goal in the match! He scored so elegantly in the bottom right corner in the 52nd minute that Italy itself was overwhelmed. He was clever to find a gap between 2 Swiss defenders and popped the ball into the goal.

Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri failed to provide for their side. Ciro Immobile had chances towards the goal but was unable to convert any. However, in the 89th minute of the match, he scored a marvellous goal from outside of the box and Sommer didn’t even see it coming, and failed to make a well-organized save.

It is important to note that Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, only 22, has delivered exceptionally and is undoubtedly a legend in the making!

3 more matches will be played on 17th and 18th June.

1. Ukraine vs North Macedonia (17th June 6pm PST/17th June 9pm EST)

2. Denmark vs Belgium (17th June 9pm PST/18th June 12am EST)

3. Netherlands vs Austria (18th June 12am PST/18th June 3am EST)

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