April 20, 2024

UEFA Euro 2020 Update: Mats Hummel’s own goal results in a win for France

UEFA Euro 2020 Update
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The end of Matchday 2 brought a very tense matchup as France and Germany went head-to-head in the group stages of the UEFA Euro 2021. These 2 major teams are located in Group F, which is considered as the most ambitious and ruthless group in this year’s Euro aka the group of death, as it also includes current Euro Champs, Portugal, and an enthusiastic Hungary side.

UEFA Euro 2020 Update

The game burst into action at 12am PST and was one to watch as both the teams gave their all to grab 3 points. Due to the energy of the players and the intensity of the match, it looked as if France and Germany were playing a tournament final!

The game was fairly tied up but Mats Hummel’s own goal was the only distinction between the two sides. Apart from the 2 goals scored by Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema that were disallowed by an offside flag, Adrien Rabiot’s shot exploded towards the goal in the 52nd minute of the match but hit the post. On the other hand, Germany looked neutral in the first half, but unluckily, an own goal by Hummel’s raised the pressure which the Germans could not control till the final whistle.

UEFA Euro 2020 Update

In the first half of the match, both teams looked to be defensive, with no pressure being built. It looked as if the players were conserving energy for the next period of the game. Attacking plays led by Antoine Griezmann and Lucas Hernandes along with Mbappe for France ended up as a goal for France when in the 20th minute of the match, Mats Hummels tried to intercept Hernandes’ cross from reaching Mbappe, but it all ended up as a suicide attempt as the ball hit Hummels’ shin and finished in Germany’s own goal. This proved to be a burden on Germany for the remainder of the match.

In the second half, Germany dominated with possession but lacked with technique and quality play. France handed the ball to their target man, Kylian Mbappe, as with his furious pace, he darted around Germany’s defenders. He scored a phenomenal goal on the counterattack but Pogba’s pass to Mbappe ended up as an offside and so France was unable to raise their scoreline.

UEFA Euro 2020 Update

This was also the case in the 85th minute when Pogba found a passage between Rudiger and Hummels and gave the ball to Mbappe on the right, who guided the ball to Benzema, which concluded in a goal for France. But Mbappe was offside the second time! Inevitably, a goal at that moment could have sealed the victory for France.

Germany was unable to show its full potential with a lack of shots at the goal. They were unsuccessful in developing their play. Toni Kroos was unable to make Hugo Lloris work from his 2 freekicks and Sane’s freekick was struck with too much power.

UEFA Euro 2020 Update

Their real chance came in the 38th minute when Gnabry pulled a header in towards Gundogan, who struck a half-volley and missed his footing and so the ball went astray. Another chance came in the second half of the game when Gnabry failed to guide the ball into the French net from a cross, by shooting from outside of the foot rather than thumping the ball with a volley.

The German tactics failed to bear fruit as the French defense was not easy to break through. Hence, Germany was unable to bother the French goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris.

Disappointing for the Germans, the match resulted in a win for the French side as they gleefully grabbed 3 points thanks to a German boot.

UEFA Euro 2020 Update

As Matchday 3 commences from 16th June, the UEFA Euro anticipates much more compelling matches. On 16th June, Finland will compete with Russia at 6pm PST/9pm EST, Turkey will try to grab a win against Wales at 9pm PST/12am EST. On 17th June at 12am PST/3am EST, the Italians will try to maintain their lead in group A by beating a strong Switzerland lineup.

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